Xiaomi’s Foldable Smartphone Turns Twice

In 2019, many companies are shocking the world with their foldable smartphones. Just a few days back, Samsung and Huawei have shown a glimpse of a foldable phone, while the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is also launching its foldable phone in this episode, although this is not the first time when the news of Xiaomi’s Foldable phone has come.

However, Shaomi has not provided any information about the phone’s features. The first glimpse of this phone of Xiaomi was found in January this year. In the new video, it can be seen that the display changes after folding, the software and the icon are also changing.

It is worth noting that Samsung has also released a video about its foldable phone and claimed that this phone can be folded for 2 lakh times without any hassle. The company has also released the video of the fold test for this. Infinity Flux display is provided in the Samsung Gala. Read more posts…

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