Won the ULB election, rested in jail

Uttarakhand News

The Congress mayoral candidate in Kashipur, Mukta Singh who was declared the winner two days before was arrested along with her husband in a dowry harassment. The supporters of the candidate, the local Congress members, former MP KC Singh ‘Baba’ and Congress city head Sandeep Sehgal gathered in front of the police station demonstrating protest when this news reached them. The alleged couple was arrested and taken to Haldwani jail.

The daughter-in-law of the elected mayor, Priyanka Singh have filed a petition against her in-laws and husband, his brother and wife for dowry harassment. In the investigation of the case filed on September 28, 2018, the in-laws and husband were found guilty leaving the other two not guilty. Priyanka alleged that after few years of her marriage she was forced to abort twice and was demanded more dowry even after her father gifted some valuables and car in her marriage. She had first submitted an application in the women helpline during November 2017 when she was sent to her parents’ home for more dowry.

According to the petition, the alleged Singh Couples started harassing her for the dowry that includes demand of Rs 50 lakh and a car. She also claimed that she was misbehaved and assaulted when she couldn’t reach the demand. She was asked to return only with more dowry otherwise not at all. While the Couple, Mukta Singh and her husband Ravinder Singh along with their son Shashank Singh are arrested and found guilty by the investigators, the party members allege that it is all due political pressure.


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