Women’s Day 2019: Mary Kom-inspired, a daughter of this land wants to show her boxing stunts

It is very successful to hit your opponent by descending into a ring for a boxer. After a stringent training and long austerity, a boxer’s body becomes eligible for boxing. Although this is just a game for boxing audiences, for a professional boxer, this is life.

Archana Thapa, who lives in Garhi Cantt of Doon, wants to become like the sixth time consecutive winner of the world champion’s title, Indian boxer, MC Mary Kom.

Archana is playing boxing for five years
Archana Thapa, who has been studying in B.Com from DAV (PG) College, told that she has been playing boxing since last five years. She says that whenever she is in the ring, she dreams of winning gold for the country. She has shown her status to a state level and national level, till date. Archana said that she wants to make her career in boxing itself. Also, winning a gold medal for the country by participating in the Olympics.

Mother Humakala said that Archana has illuminated the family name by her game. At the same time, Archana’s father Sub Kamal Bahadur Thapa (retired) says, “ I am proud of my daughter and have full faith that her hard work and my efforts will certainly be successful on national and international level one day. Archana must one day illuminate the name of family and state by masking the national international boxing ring.” One of Archana’s brother is in the army while younger brother is studying.

Boxing Begins From Parade Ground
Archana, 21, said that she had played the first boxing match at Parade Ground five years ago. After which she won two gold medals in Karnataka and Rohtak by playing two national level games.

While at the state level, she participated in different places including Nainital, Haldwani, Pithoragarh, Uttarkashi and got many awards. Not only this, but Archana’s head was also crowned with the title of Best Boxer and Best Challenger.

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