With the food, the delivery boy of Swiggy-Zomato is delivering drugs, notice issued

Food safety officer sent notices to various food delivery agencies

In Dehradun, many delivery boys of Swiggy-Zomato and other companies who deliver food to the home are also delivering drugs to people. The Food Safety Department has received such complaints through different means. After this, the Food Safety Department has sent notices to these companies.

Complaints were received that the drug smugglers were also taking intoxicants like charas, smacks, ganja and liquor especially to the students through several delivery boys of these companies. Notices have been issued to these companies on behalf of Food Safety Officer (Rural) Yogendra Pandey.

He said that if the food delivery company, Swiggy, Zomato and employees of hotels, restaurants, Dhabas or tiffin suppliers, etc., are found involved in these activities, then they will be prosecuted under the Food Safety Act.

Complaint came in hostel owners meeting too
Also, companies have been directed that the delivery boy should also be registered under this act. So that the department is eased in their identification. He said that notices have been issued to Swiggy and Zomato in this regard. Failure to do so can also cancel the licenses and registration of companies.

Police have also received complaints about the smuggling of drug delivery boys of companies that deliver food to people by booking online. SP City Shweta Choubey told that she had taken a meeting of hostel owners in the Premnagar police station area a few days ago for the safety of students.

This type of complaint was revealed in the meeting. On which the police have been periodically checked and directed to take strict action against such employees. Police are keeping an eye on such people.

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