Whatsapp Update: Cannot take screenshots of Private Chat, Testing of New Feature

Screenshots are a big issue in the digital world and in many cases screenshots are given as evidence. If you remember, there is a security feature on Facebook, after which one cannot take a screenshot of your profile picture, and now this feature is going to be in WhatsApp.

Actually, Whatsapp has taken this decision while increasing the security level. Whatsapp will soon release this feature, its testing is currently underway. After this feature has arrived, you have to do a set and have to set how long you want to lock your post or message.

However, this feature of WhatsApp will be for private chat only, not for Whatsapp group chat. WHATSAPP has given this feature information to WABEtaInfo. To turn on the new feature, you have to use the fingerprint sensor lock. People have also opposed this feature of Whatsapp. They say that this is their personal choice, whether to take a screenshot or not, they will decide, not WhatsApp.

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