Special guests for the special wedding of the Gupta brothers in Auli

Special Guests From Bollywood

The special stars of Bollywood will shine in the special wedding of two sons of Gupta brothers in Auli. Katrina Kaif, Siddharth Malhotra, Shahid Kapoor will spread their spark in the evening, along with them Kailash Kher, Shankar Ehsan Loy, Vishal Shekhar will embellish the evening with their magnificent style of music.

The International Music Group Symphony and Bombay Rockers will also entertain guests with their special style. The wedding program of the sons of the Gupta brothers has been proposed in Auli between 18 June and 22 June. This special marriage is going to be for two hundred crores.

Ajay Gupta’s son Suryakant is getting married in the Singhal family of Delhi. Suryakant’s marriage is fixed with the daughter of diamond merchant Suresh Singhal, Kritika Singhal. Atul Gupta’s son Shashank is getting married to Shivangi Jalan, daughter of Dubai’s businessman Vishal Jalan.

Vishal Jalan in Dubai has real estate, hospital, and other businesses. Suryakant will be married on June 20, while Shashank will be married on June 22. Ajay Gupta explains that he wanted to marry his sons in Italy but on the initiative of the government, he chose Auli for it.

Wedding card unique, weighing four and a half kilos
The wedding card that is prepared is very unique. The wedding card is in a big box. There are six plates with wedding details, which are made of silver. Their total weight is 4.5 kg. Apart from this, the printed paper card is also unique. The Gupta family logo is made on its first page. There are photos of Auli and Badrinath Dham on the following pages.

Two hundred helicopters booked
Many guests of the country and abroad will be there at the wedding ceremony. Two hundred helicopters have been booked for them. The helicopters will fly from Delhi and Dehradun. All guests from Delhi will come to Uttarakhand and will also visit Himalaya with marriage.

100 pundits will make special marriages
The marriage of the two children will be made by a group of 100 pundits. In this, Awadheshand Maharaj will be the Chief priest. Apart from this, story-teller Ramesh Bhai Ojha will also be included. Both sons will be married during the day. On 22nd, after the marriage of Shashank, the whole party force will go to Trijuginarayan and will take blessings of Shiva Parvati.

Lee Chat, the internationally renowned Delhi-based company, has been given the responsibility for the guests’ accommodation coming to the wedding. About 400 different dishes will be arranged. Almost all the important dishes of the country and the world will be served at the wedding ceremony. The recipes of Uttarakhand will also get a place in it.

Program in Trijuginarayan, the whole village are invited
The Gupta family told that their mother Anguri Devi had a desire to go round in Trijuginarayan but due to low space there was a change in the plans. Now after the marriage in Auli, all guests will accompany the bride and groom to Trijuginarayan.

It is believed that Shiva Parvati was married in Trijuginarayan only. This temple is also filmed in Kedarnath film. The Gupta family has invited all the people of the local village to the wedding. There too arrangements are being made. Apart from this, all the guests will also be seen in Badrinath.

For marriage, the Gupta brothers have rented all the shops from Joshimath to Auli. The Auli skiing area is being developed as Wedding Point for the marriage of Gupta brothers. On Saturday, goods have been reached for wedding tents, etc.

On Saturday, around 15 trucks were used to deliver the goods. It is being told that a helicopter has been set up for luggage, although the organizers are still avoiding giving information to the media. It is expected that by June 15, Auli will be fully prepared for the wedding.


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