Waste of government money: Millions of people connected with the ‘flyover’, firstly seven engineers found guilty

There was a case of waste of government money in the state government, in which a flyover was not built and the treasury of the government has so far been found to be worth millions of rupees. The story of this ‘flyover’ became even more serious when the government came to know that the contractor company has been paid millions of rupees, while they did not start working on it. The department has found seven engineers guilty in this case for the first time. The government has passed orders for charging a charge sheet against them.

In fact, the proposal for construction of bridge construction was changed in seismic terms even before working on the bridge. The company went into the arbitration that he had gathered the material at the selected site for construction of the bridge and his remains were not paid. It is alleged that despite orders in favor of the company of the Arbitrator, Loni engineers slept for 13 years and they did not make serious efforts to settle the matter. The result is that on one such bridge, the government’s expenditure has reached 59.73 lakh, which has not even happened.

This is the case
In the year 2006, a 70-meter flyover bridge was approved in Pang Muranda Marg on the River Ganga in Joshimath of Chamoli district. 90 lakhs of rupees have been approved for the construction of this bridge. An agreement was formed with the M / s Hillways Company. But the proposal of the bridge was rejected by saying that the selected site is not suitable due to the possibility of an earthquake. After eight days of acceptance, the company was paid an advance of 39 lakh 42 thousand 993. It is alleged that the responsible engineers paid without bringing material and without a bank guarantee. In the test report submitted by the then Chief Engineer of Dehradun on March 18, 2017, said that the flyover bridge was not constructed at the workplace and 52.23 lakh had been spent.

Open pole from arbitration
This case came from the orders passed by the tainted arbitration. When the case reached the government, it was examined. It was found that the company went into arbitration over the amount of Rs 3,65,808, and till now the total amount of money is being increased by adding the amount of 18% interest.

However, on behalf of the Gopeshwar Provincial Section, it was stated that in lieu of the advance payment to the company, the department has taken possession of the bridge construction cost of Rs 39.42 lakh and was left to pay the company Rs 3,65,808, for which he went into arbitration. The case continued in arbitration. According to the award declared on May 1, 2016, the total expenditure has so far reached Rs 59,73,144, while adjusting the advance payment to the company. The date of hearing has been fixed 22 times in arbitration till April 16.

These engineers are the first to blame
Virendra Johri, then Assistant Engineer, Om Prakash, then Executive Engineer, then Ramesh Chandra Pal, then Executive Engineer, SS Tomar, then Executive Engineer, Feroz Ahmed, then Additional Assistant Engineer, New Visionary junior engineer, Rajendra Kumar Chaudhary, then junior engineer. All these engineers have been charged with charges and sent to the government. Read more posts…

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