Waiting due to increasing crowds till December, now driving license will be made in the new year

driving licenses

In Uttarakhand, people will now be able to get driving licenses in the new year. Because after the implementation of the new Motor Vehicle Act, the number of people getting licenses in RTO is increasing continuously. The situation is that December waiting has been completed.

After this, the January date for the test is being given to the applicants. In such a situation people are facing a lot of difficulties. At the same time, many people are requesting to get licenses soon by calling from high officials.

Licenses not reaching by post
The RTO has to go astray to get the license renewed. The situation is that even after three months, the by-post license of the people is not reaching. In such a situation, people are forced to remove licenses by reaching RTO itself.

Reached RTO from Sahastradhara, Ashish told Chauhan that he had applied for a license renewal three months ago. RTO was told that his license will reach his house by post, but when it has not come, he has come to pick it himself.

45 percent of people fail
After the increase in the rate of penalty in the new Motor Vehicle Act, people are reaching for the license, but they are not aware of the driving rules. As a result, 45 percent of the people are failing in the test.

About 10 minutes test for each person
Before the introduction of the online system, 3 to 400 licenses were made daily in the transport department. At the same time, due to the slot date fixed, only one hundred and 150 have to pass biometric and photographed and written test for learning license. A test takes about 10 to 15 minutes. The RTO has eight computer sets. In this way, only eight people can give a test in 15 minutes.

Nine more systems will be installed
RTO Arvind Pandey said that there is an increasing crowd of people and then waiting for learning licenses has also reached in January. In view of the problems of the people, the working time of the employees has been increased daily. Along with this, instructions have been given to purchase nine new computers. After the new system comes, all 15 computers will be installed in the waiting room. This will allow 15 people to take the test instead of eight at a time.


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