Wages earned by changing into boys’ attire in Gurbat, did not lose courage and touched the sky

Nobody can stop you if you decide to do any work. Luck also gives support to those who are encouraged. If you go ahead with courage then the path will be made automatically. This is what Tene Mena believes, who had the distinction of becoming the first mountaineer of Arunachal Pradesh.

Tene, who reached Mussoorie in one event shared her struggles and experiences of success. He has also mastered in biking, swimming etc. Today she is the inspiration for women. Tene Mena was born in the year 1986 in the poor family of Ichali. This area is only a short distance away from the Chinese border.

The journey starts with cycling
Tene shared her experiences that her journey began with cycling. Remembering her bad times, Tene still shivers. When there were no major means of livelihood. She tells that it was very difficult for women to work in their area.

So in 2002, for a few days, wearing boy’s clothes she earned wages. Poverty restrictions could also not break the courage of Tene. Crossing the ocean of all the difficulties, she skyrocketed on one day. After taking training in the year 2007, she received the distinction of becoming First North East and First Arunachali Woman Mountaineer on May 9, 2011.

Arunachal still a Co-operative spirit
Shortly after victory over Mount Everest in 2011, her house caught fire. In which all the certificates and other necessary documents were burnt. The people around came and helped to build the house. After that, life came back on track again. She said that Arunachal is still a co-operative spirit. Whenever someone gets into disaster, everyone comes forward to help the victim. She said that after conquering the Everest, respect for her was increased among the people of the village.

She gives people information about the mountain, especially to the youth. Also, walking on mountain roads, talking in the jungle, swimming in the river, etc. She told that Arunachal Pradesh government had declared a job after conquering the Everest, which has not been done till date. Now she is running her drawing eco camp and Dummy Hills trekking company, in which she trains the youth for mounting, rafting etc. So far, more than two and a half thousand youths have taken training from her institute. Read more posts…

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