Vulgar factionalism and ignorant to true server by Party leadership

The district women Congress President, Kiren Singh resigns from the post on Sunday, says Section of the party leadership is ignorant towards the service she has given to the state. She leaves a letter on facebook for her resignation while on the other hand BJP’s mayoral candidate Anu Kakkar and the same of Congress Anita Sharma filed their nomination papers along with their supporters at the district collectorate on Monday.

Having done with the process of filing nominations, both the parties are looking forward to triumph in the election. Despite the stronghold of power in the centre and enchantment of development over people by other Party, the district Congress leader visions to win the election.

Resigning from the post, the district Congress President, Kiren Singh jolted the party members preparing for the crucial urban election in Haridwar. She stated, “I apologise but I am also resigning mainly because of the former legislator Ambrish Kumar.” She further said that she was forced to leave the party despite her 18 years of service. Vulgar factionalism and ignorance towards the actual server are what she adds into her reason.

Besides all these the former Chief Minister and MP from Haridwar Ramesh

Pokhriyal ‘NIshank’ and the State cabinet Minister Madan Kaushik was also present during the nomination filing process.

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