Vikasnagar: Panchayat House made from Building of Matogi Primary School

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In Matogi village, where 15 to 20 children have to go to the schools of Langha, Madarsu and Kaul villages by covering two to three kilometers to study every day, the government primary school of this village is closed due to zero number of student. The rural school building is being used as a panchayat building and dealing with public works. This is the case when the education department is conducting massive campaigns to increase student numbers in the schools this time.

One such school, the primary school in the Bihar region, is the Matogi primary school. Five years ago the Education Department had locked the school building due to the number of students being zero. For a while, the rural school building waited for the lock to be opened. But the department was unable to get admission of the students, then the villagers started using the Vidyalaya Bhavan to settle the panchayat building and public works. The villagers said that five years ago when the school was closed, six students were studying in the school at the time. The education department has considered it wise to set up an awareness campaign in the village instead of increasing the number of students.

This is the rule
According to the rules of the education department, it is necessary for ten students to be in school. The school is merged with more than ten students in other nearby schools.

The Block Officers will be instructed to go to the settlement to open the closed schools and conduct research on primary level education pursuer and assess the actual status of the disadvantaged children. Also, after the summer holidays, most of the closed schools will be opened. Read more posts…
– SP Khali, Additional Director, Elementary Education


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