Vikasnagar: Husband’s missing report lodged, fear of murder, the probe started

A resident of the Sahaspur Police Station area has feared the murder of her missing husband. The woman told Sahaspur police station in Tahrir that her husband is missing from May 14. His call came at 2 o’clock this afternoon. He had told that he is at risk of life from some people. Police said that the youth’s motorcycle and sandals were found on the side of Bhimavala Shakti Nagar. The matter is being investigated by registering a woman’s complaint.

A woman, resident of Bhudatoli Langa told the police in Tahrir that her husband Dharmapal alias Jeevan Singh went to build a tent in a person’s house at a wedding ceremony in Langa. On the same day, her husband called her. In the phone call, she said that her husband said that she has got some people here. He has also been assaulted by some false allegations. Those people were a risk to his life.

The woman, Deepa told that her husband is missing since this incident. After searching a lot, they are still unable to find anything. The woman has also accused the police of irregularities in the case. Meanwhile, in this case, the police Vijay Singh said that the case is being investigated by registering a woman complaint. The police station said that Vikasnagar Police has got a bike, sandal, and mobile along the Shakti Nahar border, which has been identified as the missing young man’s bike, sandal, and mobile.

Another young man is missing
Police said that another youth Mohan Singh also used to work in the tent house. Allegations were that he was also assaulted. This young man is also missing since the incident. Police Vijay Singh said that both the youths working in the tent house are being searched for. Read more posts…

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