Vikasnagar: A fire broke out in the clothes shop, 5 firetrucks took control over the fire in several hours

A fire broke out on Monday morning in the clothes store located in Vikas Nagar main market situated in Dehradun. Thousands of goods were burnt to ashes after the fire. When the information was received, the fire brigade’s vehicles reached the spot. The fire was so horrible that even two cars could not control. After this, the workers called for three trucks more. Then the fire was in control by the afternoon and the fire was over.

According to the information, the main market is a large showroom of children’s branded clothes, school uniforms, and toys. A fire broke out in the store early morning on Monday. The cause of  the fire is being said to be a short circuit. On Monday morning, some people saw smoke coming out of the shop. People immediately informed this to the fire department. Read more posts…

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