Vikas Nagar: Three vehicles seized running risking the rules, the invoices of 20

In Pachwadoon, the Transport Department seized three vehicles on Thursday while running the campaign against vehicles running risking the rules while the invoice of 20 vehicles took place.

The 20 vehicles which have been invoiced include 15 school vehicles.
Passing the information, the officer said that especially the school vehicles are being examined in the area. On Thursday, a school van has been seized in the area. School van was operated without fitness, permit, and tax. Apart from this, a tractor trolley filled with sand has been seized in Herbertpur. The seized vehicles also include a motorcycle.

He said that this campaign is being run in areas like Herbertpur, Selaqui, Sahaspur, Vikasnagar, etc. Told that the campaign will continue even further. The department is taking action against those school vehicles which are not under CCTV cameras and no fire fighting equipment and first aid box. In addition, overloading in school vehicles is also being examined. Read more posts…

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