Uttrakhand: Good news, education ‘mitra’ employed in schools will not be removed


Education ‘Mitra’ employed in the schools of the state will not be removed. The central government had instructed the untrained teachers to be removed from the job after March 31, 2019. After this, the job of the teaching friends who did not pass the TET was at risk.

There was a stir in some districts after discussions about the issue of removal of education friends working on honorarium. However, education secretary DR Meenakshi Sundaram denied any such order. She said that no separate order has been issued for the honorable education friends. If needed, the government will appeal in this case.

State Leader of the Education Friends Teachers Association, Purna Singh Rana, in this matter, had held a meeting with Education Secretary. She said that the provision of mandatory TET applies to regulate education friends. While the existing system of honorarium will not have any effect on education friends. The Human Resource Development Ministry had refused to provide relief to untrained education friends a few days ago. Read more posts…


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