Uttarakhand’s daughter Sheetal has conquered Mount Everest, a world record made before also

Sheetal, daughter of Saur (Pithoragarh) in Uttarakhand, took Everest summit this morning. She left for the Everest Summit on Monday from the base camp. This information has been given by Sheetal’s coach, Everest winner, Dharchula resident, Yogesh Garbyang. He told that on the night of May 15, Sheetal left for the summit of Everest and this morning she reached the peak.

Enthusiast Sheetal
Yogesh Garbyang, the resident of Dharchula, Everest winner, who went out to Everest Summit, said that Sheetal has incredible enthusiasm.

Make a record of conquering Kanchenjunga
Sheetal left for Kathmandu for Everest’s base camp on April 5. She reached the base camp on April 15. They practiced rock climbing along with other climbers in the base camp till 12 May.

Sheetal has made the record of world’s third highest peak reaching in 2017 to be crowning Kanchenjunga at the youngest of 22 years. She has conquered all the peaks along with Kanchenjunga. Sheetal’s family lives near the district headquarters. This achievement of Sheetal is an atmosphere of happiness among the local people.

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