Uttarakhand: Wreaking havoc in April only, the heat broke here a record of nine years

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Summer has started making new records in April itself. On April 15 (Monday) the warmest day recorded in nine years. Maximum temperature of Haldwani and Terai (Udham Singh Nagar) reached 39.1 degrees. Meanwhile, Almora’s temperature was recorded at 32 degrees on Monday.

From the morning, the heat of the sun remained uncertain. As the day went on, the heat became more. In the afternoon, due to hot winds, it became very unbearable. Due to the hot and cold winds blowing in the afternoon, there was a silence on the road. The market did not have too much crowd. Meanwhile, the maximum temperature in Mukteshwar was 27.5 and the minimum temperature was 13.2 degrees Celsius.

The maximum temperature was five degrees above normal and the minimum temperature was four degrees Celsius above normal. Nainital’s maximum mercury was recorded at 25 and minimum, minus 17 degrees Celsius. The weather scientist of Pantnagar University Dr. RK Singh said that in April the temperatures could reach 40 degrees and 42 degrees in May. According to Dr. Singh, the heat coming in April has broken the record of last eight years.

April 15 th April (Degrees Celsius)
The year Maximum the minimum
2011 34.8 16.8
2012 28.2 16.4
2013 36.0 16.8
2014 34.5 16.5
2015 30.3 18.0
2016 38.1 17.1
2017 36.8 19.4
2018 35.2 15.0
2019 39.1 17.7

Normal will be the Monsoon, not El Nino’s effect
You do not need to be disappointed about the monsoon. Monsoon will not have an effect of the El Nino and light rain will continue. In Uttarakhand also, monsoon will be normal and there is no drought situation in any district. State Meteorological Center Director Vikram Singh said that the Indian Meteorological Department has issued forecasts for monsoon. According to the Meteorological Department, monsoon is estimated to be 96 percent. He said that in Uttarakhand the monsoon will also be 96 percent. El Nino is very weak and its impact is less likely to fall on the monsoon. There is no possibility of drought in any district of Uttarakhand. It is said that if the monsoon remains normal in the country then the situation remains favorable even in the state.

Due to two degrees increase in mercury, sweat increase
The two-degree rise in the temperature of the capital and the surrounding area, on Monday, had increased people’s sweat. Due to the fierce heat and humidity, it became difficult for people to get out of the house in the day. Due to tremendous heat, the maximum temperature of Doon has reached 37 degrees.

On Monday, the capital has been the hottest day in the year 2019. The maximum temperature reached 37 degrees in the afternoon. Earlier this year, the highest temperature was recorded at 36.6 degrees. On Sunday, the temperature of Doonghati reached 35 degrees. On Monday, it increased by two degrees. In the afternoon, the sun bursts in a tremendous fury and the heat increased. People were in trouble due to heat and humidity. Especially due to excessive heat during the school break, the children have difficulty.

Relief from the heat received today
In many areas of Uttarakhand, people got relief from heat today due to rainfall. According to the Meteorological Department, there is also a forecast of rainfall and hailstorm. This can reduce the maximum temperature by up to seven degrees as compared to Monday. Read more posts…


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