Uttarakhand withdrew from organizing the 2020 National Games, sought to host the 2021 games from the Olympic Association

The Uttarakhand government has withdrawn its hand from the organizing of 2020 National Games. The Government has expressed its desire to host National Games in 2021 instead of 2020. The Chief Secretary of the state has sent a letter to the Indian Olympic Association.

The receipt of the letter was confirmed by the Secretary General of the Indian Olympic Association, Rajiv Mehta. At the same time, the Indian Olympic Association has handed over the host of 2021 National Games to Uttarakhand on the request of the state government. 2020 National Games will now be hosted by Chhattisgarh.

There was a provision of Rs 70 crore for the National Games in the budget
The Indian Olympic Association had handed over 2020 National Games to Chhattisgarh on December 22, Uttarakhand is to organize the National Games in 2021. Although the state government had made arrangements of Rs 70 crore for the National Games in this year’s budget.

It was also claimed that the preparations were going on on a large scale. Now the state government itself has withdrawn from organizing the 2020 National Games. About a week ago state Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh had sent a letter to the Indian Olympic Association requesting to avoid the national game. Chief Secretary requested 2021 instead of 2020 to hold National Games, which the Indian Olympic Association accepted.

Demand for avoiding to host 2020 hostage by sending a letter
Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand sent a letter to the Indian Olympic Association demanding that 2020 to not be hosted. On the request of the state government host of 2021 has been handed over to Uttarakhand. Chhattisgarh will host 2020.
– Rajiv Mehta, General Secretary, Indian Olympic Association

National Games will be held in Goa in October
2019 National Games to be held in Goa, will now be held in October. The games were to be held in March-April in the state, but considering the state assembly elections, board exams and Lok Sabha elections, the Sports Secretary of Goa had demanded from the Indian Olympic Association to avoid the game. On this, the Olympic Association allowed the National Games to be avoided. Now in Goa, National Games will be organized in October. Read more posts…

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