Uttarakhand: Weather got worse in Dehradun, darkness covered and drizzling observed


According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, this morning at around 9.30 the capital, Dehradun was covered with darkness. After which the rain started falling. On the other side, there were clouds in the lowlands of Kumaon Mandal. After which a dusty storm started to run.

The queen of the mountains, Mussoorie, was experiencing dark clouds in the sky since early morning. At around 11 o’clock, the weather suddenly changed and there was light rain with strong winds. Due to the heavy drop in temperature, the city has an increase in the cold. In Chamoli district, the sun remained covered with the clouds in the sky. Rainfall started here in the afternoon. On the other hand, there are light clouds in the sky from Rudraprayag to Kedarnath.

The weather was worsened as the weather department warned from Tuesday morning in Haridwar. The mild drizzle started in the morning. The weather remains cold. Due to this, the markets in the morning are open late and the government offices delayed their work. Light drizzling occurred in Champawat and Rudrapur. In the afternoon, the rain began with the wind in Yamuna valley along with Yamunotri Dham.

Thunderstorm at speed of 70 to 80 Kmph
According to the Meteorological Department, there can be heavy hail today in most areas of Uttarakhand. Also, a strong thunderstorm can run at 70 to 80 Kmph. After the weather department warned, the State Emergency Operations Center has directed all DMs to issue advice, including curbing the movement of tourists in the high Himalayan areas, while issuing advocacy.

According to the Meteorological Center, in the next 48 hours since Tuesday afternoon, there is a possibility of heavy rainfall in most areas of the state and the storm is likely to be 70 to 80 Kmph.

Instructions to keep essential items and equipment
Following the warning of the Meteorological Department, the State Emergency Operations Center has issued an advisory to all the District Magistrates. To all the District Magistrates, all departmental nodal officers of disaster management IRS system should be alerted immediately, provide disaster or accident information immediately, keep control in security and commute, open it immediately after motor road closure, all police stations and revenue officials are given instructions for staying alert.

On the other hand, all the officers and employees have been instructed to keep the phone on, keep the torch, raincoats, other essential items, and equipment in the vehicles of the officials. Issuing instructions for prohibiting the movement of tourists in high Himalayan areas by issuing heavy rain or unusual weather warnings. Read more posts…


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