Uttarakhand: Urdu will not be removed from railway stations, including Sanskrit the name will be written in four languages

The All India Devbhoomi Brahmin Jan Seva Samiti and the Sanskrit College Teachers Association Committee opposed the rewriting of Dehradun station in Urdu instead of Sanskrit. He had besieged station director Ganesh Chand Thakur.

The Station Director assured that the proposal in this regard has been sent to the higher authorities. The station name will also be written in Sanskrit on the signboard as soon as the instructions are received. He says that the construction company had written the name in Sanskrit. The name has not been given by the DM yet. It will be written when given.

In a memorandum to the station director, the protesters said that Dehradun was written in Sanskrit, the ancient and second official language of India after the reconstruction work of Dehradun railway station. Now Dehradun’s name written in Sanskrit language has been removed to Urdu language.

This is an insult to the Sanskrit language. The protesters warned that if the name of Dehradun station is not written on the signboard in Sanskrit language within two days, then all social and religious organizations will have to gather to protest against the railway.

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