Uttarakhand Transport Corporation: New buses will be taken from companies after a 15-day trial

The management took the decision after the Tata company revealed the flaws in its buses
Roadways management buying 300 new buses from Tata and Ashok Leyland Company

Uttarakhand Transport Corporation management is taking every step thoughtfully after the transport corporation revealed the flaws in the buses purchased from the Tata company. Transport Corporation management has decided that now the buses purchased from Tata and Ashok Leyland Company will be tried for the first 15 days.

The supply of buses will be ensured only after passing the trial. The team of Transport Corporation’s technical experts and drivers will test the buses for 15 days. The remaining buses will be supplied only after passing the trial.

The Transport Corporation management has purchased 300 buses from Tata and Ashok Leyland Company. 150 of which have been purchased from Tata Company and 150 from Ashok Leyland Company. The Tata company has supplied its buses. Along with registering the buses, they were also unloaded on the roads but the buses came under dispute when the gear levers of the moving buses started breaking.

Taking the matter seriously, Managing Director Ranveer Singh Chauhan banned the operation of buses and all payments of the company. Taking the case seriously, he decided to conduct a technical investigation with the experts of CIRT.

CIRT experts examined the buses and submitted their reports at 16 points along with flaws in the gear lever. Experts said the gear lever needs to be changed. Based on the report of CIRT experts, the management returned all the buses to the Pantnagar plant of the Tata company.

The company also changed it, but after this, the management has now decided that buses will be supplied from Tata and Ashok Leyland Company when the first 15 hours of some buses delivered by these companies will be taken.

General Manager Deepak Jain says that the buses supplied from both the companies will first be tried by technical experts and drivers. If the buses pass the trial, further processing will begin.

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