Uttarakhand: The shocking case came out in the famous hill station, a hidden camera in the tourist’s room


In the tourism season, the people of the country and the people from all over the world are engaged in visiting the land of gods. In such a case, there was a shocking case at the Famous Hill Station in Uttarakhand. There has been a case of a hidden camera being found in a hotel in Tehri, famous for the lake and the dam around the world.

Delhi’s tourists staying in a Tehri hotel have complained to the police. After which Police raided the hotel. During this, the police team was shocked. They found Hidden Camera inside the fan in the room.

Checking the room at 10 pm
According to the information, tourists from Delhi complained to the police about having a hidden camera in their room. The two young men and three women checked the hidden camera at 10 pm on Monday. During this, they found a camera fitted inside the fan.

After which they informed the police about this. The police reached the spot and got involved in the investigation. The police have seized the fan, camera, and other material. The hotel owner is being questioned in this regard.

What if someone hides a camera somewhere in your room …
In the summer season, there are a large number of tourists in Uttarakhand’s valleys. In such a way, Amar Ujala has requested to check your room before staying anywhere, and take special care of these things …

-When you go to the room, turn off all the lights and check the entire room, if there is any red light or green light burning.

-Keep in mind that in the room there is no hidden camera in the hook or handle of the door or inside the fan.

-If there is a sound in the room, then listen carefully, because some motion sensitives in the Hidden Camera are automatically turned on themselves.

-When you go to the room, first check the mirrors placed in front and the corners on the top.

-To find out if any camera is hidden in the mirror, first place a finger in the mirror. If there is a gap between the finger in the mirror and the finger outside the mirror, then the mirror is original and if your finger is connected then there is a camera which is recording all.

-Your smartphone can also help detect the hidden camera. Download an app called Bodyguard in it and turn it on as soon as you enter the room. If a red color starts blinking, then understand that there is a hidden camera in the room.


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