Uttarakhand: The process of recruiting 1100 LTs, 500 spokesmen is fast but impossible to appoint in the short term

Recruitment process of about 1100 LT teachers and 500 spokespersons has started in the state. The education department has sent a system of about 1600 posts to the Public Service Commission. During the meeting of the secretary committee, chaired by the Chief Secretary, it was agreed to start the recruitment process during the code of conduct.

The Supreme Court has ordered the State Government to make a permanent appointment till vacant posts by April 2019. It is not possible for the government to make appointments in such a short period. But the government has started its efforts. At the same time, the government is going to the Supreme Court, where additional time will be sought for the recruitment process.

Last week, the Secretary-General’s meeting under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary had agreed to start the recruitment process. Due to the implementation of the code of conduct, the consent of the Election Commission was sought for it. After the approval, the government has started the process.

Tight screw on the reservation
The government has sent a system of about 1600 posts to the Public Service Commission, but the situation on the reservation has not been clear. In the state, there is a provision of 10 percent reservation for four percent of the population and financially backward classes. Due to the work boycott of the writers, the economically backward classes are not able to get certificates. This can cause problems in the recruitment process.

On the orders of the Supreme Court, we have started the process of appointment. The court has asked us to complete the appointment process until April 2019. But it is not possible for other reasons including code of conduct. We will urge the Supreme Court to give extra time.
– R. Meenakshi Sundaram, Secretary, Education

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