Uttarakhand: The price of LPG increased, new rates will be applicable from today

Oil companies have increased the price of LPG 14.2 kg cylinders. Now the price of subsidized LPG cylinder has gone up from Rs 729.27 to Rs 754.25. This revised price has come into effect from Saturday morning.

So far, 14.2 kg of gas cylinders were priced at Rs 729.27, in which the subsidy was Rs 228. After which the cylinders were at 501 rupees. Now, with an increase of Rs 24.98, we will get it at Rs 754.25 in which now a subsidy of around Rs 251.25 will come.

That is, the actual price of the gas cylinder has been 503. It is about two rupees more than the price of earlier gas. The revised prices have been released on behalf of the oil companies late on Friday. Read more posts…

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