Uttarakhand: The 46th Corps of PAC will no longer be allowed to keep moustache without permission


Now any Jawan in PAC will not be able to keep mustache without permission. This order of the commander of 46 Corps PAC of Rudrapur became viral on social media. However, the Police Headquarters has denied any such order. At the same time, the PAC official denied any such order. Although later they spoke of the standard.

On Wednesday, an order of a commander of 46th Corps PAC of Rudrapur, on social media, became viral. The order is addressed to all the party chief. It has been said that the corps and employees employed in different branches are keeping big mustache without departmental permission, which is unfair.

It has been said in the order that any employee posted in the PAC will keep the mustache as per the prescribed standard. In the viral post, the commander has asked to strictly follow the order. Police Director General of Police Ashok Kumar has denied the information about any such order from the PAC commander.

When asked about this order, 46th PAC’s military commander Sukhveer Singh says that PAC is a disciplined force. Whatever happens here is according to standard and rule. No such order has come and it has not been implemented.

Regarding the copy of the viral order on social media, he said that this has come to my knowledge, but I have not given written order. However, he said that during the morning calculation verbally he spoke about the standard. Now the subordinates have issued the order on his behalf, action will be taken after an investigation. Read more posts…


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