Uttarakhand: Telemedicine and radiology service will be expanded

telemedicine and radiology

Focus on delivering health services through technology in difficult areas
Telemedicine studios to be built in four medical colleges of the state

The government will expand telemedicine and radiology service to reach the general public through inaccessible areas of the state. Before this, the government will take suggestions from doctors for the benefit and improvement that patients are getting. Four state medical colleges in Dehradun, Srinagar, Haldwani, and Almora will be connected with hospitals in difficult areas along with setting up telemedicine studios.

The government believes that in remote areas of the state where health facilities are not available. Services of specialist physicians should be provided through telemedicine and radiology in those areas. Due to the difficult geographical conditions of the state, doctors are not available in many inaccessible areas. In such a situation, the telemedicine service can prove to be effective for sick people. Through this, patients and their timers can get rid of the hassle of coming from inaccessible areas to big hospitals.

The telemedicine and radiology service allows the patient to get immediate treatment and necessary check-ups through specialist doctors near home. The government will prepare an action plan after taking suggestions from doctors for the experience and improvement of the telemedicine and radiology service already operating in the state. Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has a focus on the use of technology in health services.

Telemedicine and radiology facilities are here in the state

The Community Health Center operates telemedicine services at Augustmuni, Bhikiyasain, Naugaon, Okhalkanda. In the last one year, 5169 patients have been treated here through Tele Medicine Service. At the same time, teleradiology service was started in 35 major hospitals in the state. With this, all the tests including X-ray, ECG, CT scan, MRI, mammography are being done through the expert radiologist. This service has benefited 85 thousand patients.

There is a shortage of specialist physicians and radiologists in the state. Inaccessible areas where there is a lack of healthcare. Tele-medicine and radiology services can provide the facility of consultation and better treatment to specialist doctors. Patients will not have to wait for several days for the test report.
– Dr. RK Pandey, Former Director-General, Health


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