Uttarakhand teachers’ loyalty will be recorded in an online app

During the entire service period of the teachers of the state, reports of their good work and shortfalls will now be recorded in the online mobile application. The National Initiative for School Heads and Teachers Holistic Advancement (Nishtha), an institute working to improve the quality of education across the country, has launched this app in the state. The institute has also named its app ‘Nishtha’.

NCERT representative Professor Ranjana Arora announced the launch of the loyalty app and web portal. Pro. Ranjana said that experts from NCERT and the National Institute of Education Planning and Administration (NEPA) have prepared special training for basic teachers, which has been adjusted in this loyalty app.

Reported that the loyalty program in the country was launched on August 21 this year. Since the success of the program, it has so far successfully trained teachers in 19 states. The objective of loyalty is to provide state-of-the-art training to 42 lakh basic teachers across the country.

She said that the objective of training is to make teachers efficient in their core subjects and to train them to develop leadership skills in students. Pro. Ranjana said that the teachers joining the training will be linked with the loyalty application. The teachers involved in training will be prepared as key resource persons and state resource persons.

These teachers will be given the responsibility of training teachers at district and block levels. In this way, the basic teachers of the state will be connected with loyalty. Told that once the teacher has joined this app or portal, the details of his entire service period will be recorded in it.

This way teachers can be reviewed online. She told that there is also an option to read offline videos and courses on the app and portal. One-time data down has to be loaded for offline viewing.

Studying with video and 3D models

Pro. Ranjana told that 12 modules have been given in the Nishtha app and portal. There is an option of studying with videos and 3D models for the students of classes I to VIII. Apart from this, the emphasis has also been laid on developing activities, innovation and creativity to develop skills in students.

Pro. Ranjana said that a platform will also be made available for teachers and students to discuss with the teachers across the country on various topics. She told that the app can be downloaded through a mobile play store and QR code.

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