Uttarakhand: Swine Flu affected women died, 10 new patients confirmed swine flu

A female patient suffering from swine flu in Kalsi died The woman was undergoing treatment at Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital. At the same time, 10 new patients have also confirmed SF.

According to information received from the Chief Health Officer’s office, the 66-year-old female patient of Kalsi was undergoing treatment at Sri Mahant Indiresh Hospital. The woman died during the treatment. Swine flu has been confirmed in women. At the same time, 10 new patients have also confirmed swine flu. Along with this, the number of swine flu sufferers has reached 73 in this year so far. 17 patients suffering from swine flu have died in Dehradun so far. Of these, 15 patients were admitted to Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital.

An employee working at BHEL located in Haridwar has been referred to Delhi from BHEL hospital after confirmation of SF. In addition, there is an improvement in the health of two patients suffering from SF in the district hospital. At the same time, treatment for SF in another patient has started. Despite the cases of swine flu patients being constantly exposed, the departmental officials are not running any public awareness programs. District Health Department officials are completely unaware of swine flu.

At BHEL’s hospital, BHEL employee has been confirmed to have SF. Because of an insufficient treatment facility in the hospital, he had been referred to the Higher Center. At the same time, a new patient has received swine flu symptoms in the district hospital. Doctors have started treatment for him. Dr. Sandeep Tandon, a physician of the district hospital and SF in-charge, said that two patients who had come last week have improved health, but now a new patient has come. Based on symptoms, he started treatment.

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