Uttarakhand: Student Union President and Procter put petrol on themselves at the college campus, this is the whole case

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Students complained about demand for the removal of controversial contract teacher Pawan Kumar, who worked in the GIS department in SSJ Campus, Almora, Uttarakhand. Students closed the premises and took out a procession and blew the statue of VC and campus administration.

Meanwhile, student union president Rajan Chandra Joshi sprinkled petrol on himself. Angered by the pro-ruler, Prof. Devendra Singh Bisht also put petrol on his body. This led to a ruckus there. The police reached the spot. After the hours of the ruckus, after the end of the contract of the teacher was recommended, the students remained calm.

Both groups of students clashed with each other
On the issue of the removal of contract teacher Pawan Kumar, at around 11 am on Wednesday morning, students studying in GIS department, campus director of the student union officials, Prof. RS Pathani, Head of GIS-Pro JS Rawat, pro-democracy, had a meeting which began with Devendra Singh Bisht etc. 21 students of GIS were present in the meeting.

During this time, some student leaders did not allow six other students of GIS to enter the meeting room, stating that they are close to contractual teachers. They started a ruckus on this. Both groups of the students clashed and the meeting could not begin.

Students took out the procession and closed the premises
Later, the student wing officers and other students took out the procession and closed the premises and sat on the fence. After some time the campus administration officials called the student union president for the talks. Student Union President Rajan Joshi reached the meeting with petrol in a bottle and sprinkled petrol on his demand for sacking Pawan Kumar from the premises. Only then pro-ruler Devendra Bisht also snatched a bottle and took petrol on his clothes.

Kotwal Arun Verma reached the spot with police force on receiving the information of the body. Kotwal has somehow managed to calm the students by defending the chaos. Later, in view of the fragility of the situation, officials of the campus administration have recommended the removal of contractual teacher Pawan Kumar from the job. It is reported that shortly after the university administration decided to remove Pawan Kumar in Nainital. After getting information about the removal of Pawan Kumar at around three o’clock, the students were quiet.

The girl students had also complained about the contract teacher
Some students of GIS accused contract teacher Pawan Kumar of behaving indecently. One student even said that Pawan Kumar had also threatened to make some of his photos viral. It has been reported that some students complained to the Chief Minister, the Vice Chancellor and the Women Commission against Pawan Kumar.

Some time ago, a student complained about such a case, and later the officials of the campus administration had settled the matter by writing an apology but again the complaints of Pawan Kumar started appearing. Read more posts…


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