Uttarakhand: Soldiers left for China border area in 80 vehicles, summoned soldiers on leave

Indian Army

The military activities on the Indo-China border have also intensified from the frontier district of Uttarakhand between the conflict and encounter with the Chinese army on the LAC in the Ladakh region. On Wednesday night, about 80 Indian Army personnel left for the China border area adjoining Chamoli.

Sources said that vigilance is being done in the border area. Adequate arms and cannons have also been sent to the border area. Orders have been given to join the duty of ITBP and Army personnel on leave and to join duty soon.

SSB increased patrolling on Nepal border

SSB has increased security along the Mahakali River along the Nepal border from Jauljibi, Baluwakot, Dharchula to Kalapani in Beas Valley in Dharchula (Pithoragarh). The soldiers are keeping a close watch on every activity.

Army, ITBP and SSB have been guarding the border with greater vigilance ever since the Kalapani dispute and Limpia Dhura were recorded on their map. Mahendra Pratap, the Commandant of the 11th Corps of SSB, says that his soldiers are patrolling the Nepal border from Jauljibi to Kalapani day and night by being alert and aware. At present, there is peace in Nepal and China border.

ITBP and Army personnel mustered in Nelang border

Uttarkashi district also has a border of about 125 km from China. Years ago there was also trade between Nelang Valley to Tibet via Bhartonghati to Garstang Gali near Gangotri, but in the year 1962, during the war with China, the entire border area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNelang and Jadhung villages was evacuated and handed over to the army.

At present, roads have been constructed for military needs up to Nelang, Naga, Nilapani, Jadhung, Sonam, Tripani, PDA, Sumla, and Mandi in the area and ITBP and Army personnel are ready at these places. While the advance post has not reached the road to Thagla-1, Thagla-2, Teesanchukla, Muningla Pass, and Theater Pass. In the year 1989, this entire area was included in Gangotri National Park. Nelang Valley has also remained a center of tourist attraction for the last four years.

The geographical conditions here are inaccessible due to the high peaks and deep valleys of the Himalayas ahead of the advance posts. This is the reason why the Indian and Chinese army have never encountered this area. On 21 May, the Army Chief of the Central Command took the command. General Ikarup Singh has visited Ghuman Border.

Need road construction for strategic strengthening

Meanwhile, the army also practiced with the Mi-17 helicopter and the multipurpose aircraft AN-32 at Chinyalisaur airstrip closest to the border. ITBP has stood vigorously on the Himvir border of the 12th and 35th Corps. Along with the 9 Bihar Regiment deployed in Harshil, the soldiers of Garhwal Scout, Kumaon Scout, and Ladakh Scout are also patrolling the border.

The all-weather road is considered important from India for strategic preparations. Surprisingly, the all-weather road has not been approved yet due to environmental laws from Uttarkashi to Bhairaghati. Along with this, proposals for about 68 km long roads to connect the advance posts to the road are also pending.

ITBP and Army are deployed on the India-China border on behalf of the district. The administration has not received any instructions or information regarding any kind of activity on the border. Shepherds have been allowed to feed fodder like normal days in the border area. The DPR of All- Weather Road between Uttarkashi to Bhairaghati is being prepared. Work on this will be started as soon as it is approved.
– Dr. Ashish Chauhan, DM Uttarkashi

Griff expedited construction of Munsiyari- Milam road

The construction of the Munsiyari-Milam road for the China border has accelerated the construction work. Goods are being transported by large helicopters for the construction of the road. Griff has so far built the road 14 km ahead of Munsiyari to Milam and has cut off about 13 km of road from Milam to Munsiyari.

After the skirmish between India and China troops in Galvan Valley, Griff has also expedited the construction of the road. This road is historically and strategically important.

Munsiyari ITBP is reported to increase surveillance by alerting all posts. Even though the weather was bad on Wednesday, the BRO is taking helicopters along with road construction items to Milam. Munsari-based military officers are avoiding saying anything in this regard.

Central government should put the reality of Galvan valley in front of everyone: Pritam
The Congress paid tribute to the Indian fighters who were killed in violent clashes along the China border in Galvan Valley. Along with this, Congress demanded from the Central Government that people should be told the reality.

Congress state president Pritam Singh, speaking to the media in Congress Bhavan, said that the Congress stands shoulder to shoulder with the government to protect the country’s border. The central government must accept that it has failed to fully understand the movement of the neighboring country, which we have to pay for the martyrdom of 20 soldiers.


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