Uttarakhand: Scandal of lakhs in Atal Ayushman scheme, patients have been frauded

In the Atal Ayushman scheme, the Health Department has caught millions of disturbances. In the rough calculation, half-a-dozen cases of financial irregularities, 60 lakh rupees have come up.

In all cases, the scheme beneficiaries were treated, but in the name of referring to it, efforts were made to help the selected institutions. According to sources, the collusion of government doctors has been carried out. After the case has come up to health secretary Nitesh Jha, the preparations are going on for strict action against the institutions and the doctors.

Five months after the launch of Atal Ayushman Yojna, cases of collusion of private medical institutions and government doctors have surfaced. All the cases are from Udham Singh Nagar and Haridwar district.

The woman expert of a government hospital in Udhamsingh Nagar district had been referring patients to a private institute for many days, whereas no woman expert was deployed in the institute.

In the investigation, it was found that the government doctor continued to do the surgery by going to the private hospital in the evening. In a case found in Haridwar, patients were referred to a private clinic located in Jhabrera, in the name of referring to the Higher Center.

In another similar case, a government expert was referring a patient to a medical clinic where he used to do the treatment himself so that the bill was paid to the clinics.

A total of 60 lakh cases of this kind of disturbance have surfaced. According to sources, the Health Department has sent it to Health Secretary Nitesh Jha. The Secretary has issued instructions for strict action on all matters. In these cases, the recovery of the private institutions will also affect the government doctors. Read more posts…

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