Uttarakhand: RTE admission process started, apply online


The online application process for admission to the Right to Education Act (RTE) seats in private schools started on Monday. On the basis of these applications of parents, seats will be allotted to the students.

Under the Act, private schools were given time till 25 January to register. Schools had to register themselves on the portal and upload details of available seats. After the school registration process is complete, the application window has now been opened for students and parents.

According to the Department of Education, the online lottery will be taken out after the application. After this, students will be allotted seats in the school nearest to them. Parents will also have to upload photographs of the child’s documents in the online application. After being selected from the lottery, the parents will have to appear in the office of the Deputy Education Officer of the area along with all the original certificates.

How to apply online

-First, go to the parent RTE registration website.
-Click on registration here and click on student registration.
-When the registration form opens, fill the correct information in the form carefully.
-On the given mobile number, you will get the registration number, which will be useful at the time of the lottery.
-After filling all the information, click on the Save and Next button. Then click on the submit button. Your application will be completed.
– Keep in mind that it is mandatory to fill the information of star-studded areas.
– Please take a print out of your application.

These original documents are necessary

Copy of application
– Eligibility Documents
-Child’s Birth Certificate
-Data / Father’s Address Certificate
-Aadhaar card / Voter ID of mother or father
-Income certificate (for financially weak family, less than 55,000 annually)
-Caste certificate of mother or father (if from SC / ST / OBC)
-Medical documents (if the child is a disabled / leprosy / HIV sufferer)
-Dependent documents (if the child is destitute)
-Divorce document (if the mother is divorced)
-Death certificate of the father (if the mother is a widow)

Parents’ questions and answers from experts
Question: There is no school in my Grampanchayat/Mohalla/area. How to apply?
Answer: If there is no school for the chosen class in your chosen area then contact your Nodal Officer. It may not have been registered on the school website.

Question: We do not have the child’s birth certificate. How to apply?
Answer: Parents or guardians should apply for the birth certificate of the child (by visiting the district hospital) before the date of the online application.

Question: The child does not have a certificate of being disabled, what to do?
Answer: By filling the form for the certificate of being disabled, obtain a certificate of being disabled as soon as possible at the district hospital.

Question: What should be filled as information on the date of birth verification?
Answer: Birth certificate or Aadhaar card.

Question: What certificate to give as a guardian’s identity card?
Answer: Aadhaar Card / Voter ID Card / Driving License / PAN Card.

Question: What documents should be provided as proof of address?
Answer: Aadhar card / Ration card / Original residence certificate / Electricity bill.

Question: How much will the school have to pay after admission under RTE?
Answer: Admissions are free under RTE. There is no charge for this. The government reimburses the fee.

Question: How many schools can fill the option while filling the RTE form.
Answer: In the list of schools that you will see in the form, at least one of them can choose any number of schools.

The process of admission has been started under RTE. Registration of schools has been done. Now the students have been given time to apply. After this, seats will be allocated through a lottery.
– Asharani Panuli, Chief Education Officer


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