Uttarakhand: Reservation roster fixed for direct recruitment, big relief for general category posts

Special things
The post of Scheduled Castes was removed from the first position to the sixth position.
The initial five positions in the roster are for the general category.

The state government has decided on the reservation roster policy for direct recruitment. In the new roster set up with the objective of providing equality and equal opportunities to all classes, the post of Scheduled Caste has been removed from the first position to the sixth position on the lines of the central government’s parity. The initial five positions in the roster are for the general category.

Recently, the roster policy was approved in the meeting of the state cabinet, whose personnel and vigilance department has issued the mandate on Wednesday. Additional Chief Secretary Personnel and Vigilance Radha Raturi have issued instructions regarding the implementation of the new roster process in the selection of direct recruitment to all Additional Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, Secretaries in-charge, Department and Office Chairmen, all District Magistrates.

These are instructions to departments
– All departments will prepare roster registers relative to direct recruitment posts.
-After making the classifier roster, the horizontal reservation will be calculated and the roster register will be ready.
– The appointment officer will fill the details of the vacant posts in Roster Register every month along with the reason.
– There will be a nodal officer in every office, who will inform the government about the posts in 15 days.
– If the eligible candidate is not available in the horizontal reservation, the selection will be done from the general category of the same class, but the above roster number will be kept blank and the process will be adopted again in the next election year.

This will be the position of direct reservation in the roster
Rank position
General: (1,2,3,4,5,7,9,12,13,14,17,18,19,23,24 …)
SC (19 percent): (6,11,16,21,27 …)
OBC (14 percent) – (8,15,22,29 …)
Financially weak (10 percent) 🙁 10,20,30 …)
ST (4 percent): (25th …)

This will be the position of horizontal reservation in the roster
Rank position
Uttarakhand women (30 percent): (4,7,10,14,17,20,24,27,30 …)
Ex-servicemen (5 percent): (21 ..)
PwD (4%): (25 ..)
Freedom Fighter (2%) 🙁 51 …)

Cabinet ministers were not in favor of new roster
Cabinet Minister Yashpal Arya was not in favor of the new roster. He had reservations about being appointed to the general category in place of SC, the first position from the roster. He wrote a letter to the Chief Minister not to issue the mandate of the pass roster in the cabinet.

He had also requested the Cabinet to withdraw the decision, but the Uttarakhand General OBC Employees Association was demanding the mandate of the new roster. The association had also knocked on the door of cabinet ministers for this demand. After the mandate from the personnel department was issued, the association welcomed it and thanked the Chief Minister.

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