Uttarakhand: reservation continues on the roster, the state government in a dilemma

Kaushik Committee blamed for employee organizations
No change in roster allowed: Association
Tampering with the old roster will not tolerate injustice: Federation

The dilemma of the state government has increased due to the raids on the reservation roster of direct recruitment. Considering the roster between reserved and general category employees is considered a difficult challenge for him. Organizations representing reserved and general category employees warned the Kaushik Committee in a blunt manner in a meeting on Tuesday regarding the testing of the roster.

The Uttarakhand General OBC Employees Association clearly stated that it would not accept any change in the roster. If the government amends, the association will launch a movement against it. Meanwhile, the Uttarakhand SC-ST Employees Federation has also rejected the new roster and demanded the committee to implement the old roster. Failing that, the Federation said that it would be an injustice to the reserved class and it would not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Due to this, the state government is now stuck in a dilemma. The task of solving the puzzle of the roster is entrusted to the Kaushik Committee. The Kaushik Committee met in the assembly on Tuesday. Two members of the committee, Cabinet Minister Subodh Uniyal and Minister of State Rekha Arya did not attend the meeting due to personal engagements.

The chairman of the committee, Madan Kaushik, invited the leaders of both the parties in his office room in turn and heard their side. Thakur Prahlad Singh, Pancham Singh Bisht, Rakesh Joshi, Heera Singh Baseda, DS Aswal, and Rajendra Singh Chauhan were led by General OBC Employees Association President Deepak Joshi.

The association said that the first position in the roster is of the general category. That post should not be tampered in any way. It also said that SC quota should not be more than 19 percent.

The committee then had a meeting with leaders of the Uttarakhand SC-ST Employees Federation. The Federation was led by State President Karam Ram. He was also present with Federation’s Matan Lal, Kanta Prasad, Prempal Singh, and Yogendra Singh Pangati. He questioned the justification for amending the old roster.

He said that the quota of the general classification was being affected by the implementation of the roster. The government has many such figures. He expressed concern that removing the post of Scheduled Caste from the first place in the roster to the sixth position would cause a huge loss to this class. He demanded the committee to place SC first in the roster as before.

If this is not done then this class will be denied jobs. This will also have an impact on the backlog posts. Kaushik heard suggestions from leaders of both sides. Additional Chief Secretary Personnel Radha Raturi, Principal Secretary Justice and other officers were present on the occasion.

What do they have to say
Representatives of general and reserved employees’ organizations have found favor with the committee. Now the committee will hold a meeting with officers of the Secretary level. After this meeting, the committee will submit its recommendations to the state cabinet.
– Madan Kaushik, Cabinet Minister

We have made it clear to the committee that the first post in the reservation roster should be general. The reservation quota should not be more than 19 percent. If the first position is removed from the roster, it will not be tolerated.
– Deepak Joshi, State President Uttarakhand General OBC Employees Association

We do not want the second position or the third position in the reservation roster. We have made it clear to the committee that we need the post of SC in the first place. This reserved class is a question of the future of future generations. We cannot compromise with this.
– Karam Ram, State President Uttarakhand SC-ST Employees Federation

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