Uttarakhand: Questions raised on government’s decision to hold the only four-day budget session

four-day budget session

Ranikhet MLA Karan Mehra submitted a complaint letter to the Speaker
The chairman also admitted that time was short, expressed his intention to talk to CM

The question arose on Monday on the government’s decision to hold only a four-day budget session in Garsain. Karan Mehra, deputy leader of the Congress Legislature Party, expressed his objection to this and handed over a letter to Assembly Speaker Prem Chandra Agarwal. The Speaker also admitted that the time was short and assured to speak to the CM.

In a letter submitted by Karan Mehra to the Speaker of the Assembly, it is not possible to have a budget session in four days. Due to the first session, the Governor’s speech will also be held and it will be discussed.

After this, the budget will be presented in the House. Along with the discussion on the budget, the budgets of the departments will also be presented in the House. The budget of the departments will also be discussed. Four days is short for all these. Assembly Speaker Premchandra Agarwal also admitted that the budget for four days is short for the session. Later, the Speaker of the assembly said to the media that he will talk to the CM about the matter.

Pad Yatra and Jan Jagran
Karan Mehra announced to launch a movement against the government for not extending the session time. The Ranikhet MLA said that if the time of the session is not extended, then the Congress MLAs will undertake the pad yatras and will tell the people about the government’s actions.

At least seven days
Leader of Opposition Indira Hridayesh said that the session should be at least seven days long. She said that the matter will be discussed in the working committee meeting. From the Governor’s speech to the discussion on the budget, four days is not enough.
What does the assembly manual consist of
– The Governor’s address should be discussed for at least four days.
– At least four days of discussion on the budget.
– 15-day discussion on the budget of the departments.
– Discussion for two days after the presentation of the budget in the day.

Assembly has received 450 questions
The session may be for four days, but the MLAs are not taking any chances in raising problems related to their area. The Assembly has now received 450 questions. There are still two weeks left for the session to begin. In such a situation, the number of questions can be more than 800. There will be no question hour on the first day. In such a situation, time will also be less for questions.

Is CM running away from the discussion
This question was raised by Karan Mehra, deputy leader of the Congress Legislature Party. According to Karan, the sessions are not normally being started on Monday. This time the session starts on Monday but the Governor’s speech is on this day. For questions, Monday is the day fixed for the departments of the Chief Minister. In such a situation, questions related to the departments of the Chief Minister are not available in the House. According to Karan, should it be understood that CMs are trying to avoid discussion of their departments?

Karan reached Ranikhet only to file a complaint
Karan Mehra arrived from Ranikhet to Dehradun only to file a complaint regarding the budget session. In the morning, Karan met the Speaker at his residence and thereafter returned to Ranikhet.


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