Uttarakhand: Promotion of 177 servants and livestock assistants in Animal Husbandry Department

Animal Husbandry Department

Officers standing on the threshold of retirement are tied

Between the Corona crisis and the challenge of lockdown, the state government has opened the way for the promotion of officers and employees. The Animal Husbandry Department has issued promotion orders to 177 of its servants and livestock assistants as vaccinators. After this, the promotion of those officers and employees posted in various departments is tied to the threshold of retirement.

The Uttarakhand General OBC Employees Association had also written a letter to the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary expressing concern that the employees were not given promotions even after a long agitation. The association said that the Personnel Department had ordered all the departments to give promotion in a week after meeting the DPC. This process stopped because of lockdown. In March, many officer employees retired without promotion. The association said that DPC has already been done in many departments, but their orders were not issued.

The association requested the government to investigate the departments to start the promotion process immediately. After this, the animal husbandry department issued orders for promotion. This has caused a wave of happiness among the officers and employees of other departments and they are now confident about their promotion.

Uttarakhand General OBC Employees Association state president Deepak Joshi has thanked the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary Personnel and the Heads of the Department for opening the promotion path despite the lockdown. He hoped that like the Animal Husbandry Department, other departments will issue promotion orders concerning vacant posts at their place. Joshi assured the government that in the hour of the Corona crisis, the employees stand firmly with the government. He said that whatever orders the government gives to the employees, it will be followed.


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