Uttarakhand: Preparations to revive State Employees Welfare Corporation, more than five lakh employees will benefit

Uttarakhand State Employees Welfare Corporation

More than five lakh government employees will get direct benefit
Will be able to buy cheaper goods from the market

The Cooperative Department is set to directly benefit more than five lakh employees in Uttarakhand. The department is going to revive the Uttarakhand State Employees Welfare Corporation for this. Under this, employees will get daily use items at cheaper rates. The scheme will be launched in the month of July.

Under the scheme, Uttarakhand State Employees Welfare Corporation has signed an MoU with Srishti Departmental Store. Under the terms of the contract, state employees, teachers, employees of the bodies will get a minimum of two and a half percent to five percent in addition to the discounts available in the store. For this, a card will be issued to the employees. At present, the employees will get this benefit from Srishti’s department store in Dehradun. It is planned to take this scheme to other districts of the state by August. The Board of Governors has also received proposals from Srinagar and Haridwar.

The range of over 2400 products is available with Srishti Departmental Store. It has everything from grocery to fashion, kitchen, and other items available. According to officials, Srishti’s sell output is around Rs 2.5 crore per month.

A 17 percent maximum discount will be given to employees on the purchase of goods. The store has been asked to provide additional discounts ranging from 2.5 to 5 percent. This means that if the store is giving a 10 percent discount to its customers, it will give a minimum of 12.5 percent rebate to the employees, which can be up to a maximum of 17 percent.

This corporation was formed in 2015. At that time the Additional Chief Secretary was its chairman. This corporation was closed until then. Now the Cooperative Secretary has been made the chairman of this corporation and the secretaries of other departments as members.

There will be more rain of gifts ahead

In the second phase of the scheme, employees can also get additional discounts from announced on purchase from Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Now there will be a contract between the corporation, the district cooperative bank, and the employees. The corporation will make all employees its members and give them an additional ten percent credit limit from banks. Employees from anywhere in the country will be able to purchase goods from authorized 16 vendors at an additional two and a half percent discount.

Stores will open in three places in the city

Srishti Store is currently on GMS Road and also has a store in the Secretariat. Now it is also ready to open at Kargi Chowk and Sahastradhara crossing.

Our effort is to get the maximum benefit of the employees. For this, a new scheme of Uttarakhand State Employees Welfare Corporation is being launched in July itself. State employees, teachers, private schools, municipalities, corporations, panchayats, etc. will be able to take advantage of this.
– Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat, Cooperative Minister


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