Uttarakhand Police Loot case: Know how one call destroyed the entire conspiracy

In the matter of robbing a bag full of notes from the property dealer Anurodh Panwar, the police did not have any idea that uniforms could be included in the robbery. The police were speculating that any gang used the police uniform to carry out the crime. Investigations were also going on in this direction that a call from the Sepoy Manoj Adhikari cordoned off the entire conspiracy.

The looted incident took place on the night of April 4, a day before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally. The police were quite cautious against other days on that day. The police were deployed on every corner of the city. In view of the PM’s rally, a large number of policemen were deployed in Dehradun even from other parts of the state. On April 7, a complaint from the property dealer Anurodh Panwar was found to be looted and the police initially suspected him.

The talk of looting seemed redundant
The police believed that the day before the prime minister’s rally there was tight security in the whole city, in this case, the talk of looting seemed redundant. When the police started investigating, Anurodh’s statement went on getting verified.

However, the police suspected that the miscreants carried out the incident by wearing police uniforms. There was no fear of involvement of the policemen so far in this. The footage of government cameras was also not clear on the Scorpio used in the robbery.

Homeguard did the disclosure
Property dealer Anurodh Pawar told the police that the policemen left him in the survey chowk. The police started interrogation with the policemen present on duty on the night of April 4.

Meanwhile, the Home Guard in the static surveillance team revealed that a cop aboard in the car called someone from his mobile that night. This same call brought the police to the accused. Actually, after stopping the property dealer, the policemen riding on IG Garhwal’s car took him with him.

The accused policeman’s mobile was left in the IG Garhwal’s car only
The property dealer’s car was being run behind by Manoj Adhikari. Meanwhile, Manoj, who was driving the car was left behind due to a jam. However, he forgot his mobile in IG Garhwal’s car itself. In that case, he called the IG Garhwal’s driver sepoy Himanshu Upadhyay, taking a mobile from a Homeguard on the way. After getting information from Homeguard, the police reached Himanshu and then to the other accused. Read more posts…

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