Uttarakhand police loot case: Investigation to be handed over to STF, amount not disclosed


The police are carefully investigating into the case of robbing a bag full of notes from the property dealer Anurodh Panwar by the police personnel in the IG’s Government car. Since the policeman is the only accused in this. Therefore, to avoid any allegation, the investigation of the matter is ready to be handed over to another agency rather than the police. IG Garhwal has also recommended it.

Sources say that the consideration can be entrusted to the STF. On the other hand, police took possession of DVR (Digital Video Recorder) of CCTV cameras of WIC club on Thursday. The police also recorded statements of the plaintiff Anurodh Panwar, but he did not disclose the total amount looted.

Arjun Panwar was handed a bag full of rupees
The property dealer Anurodh went to WIC Club on Rajpur Road on the night of April 4, to get business related payment from another property dealer Anupam Sharma. Here, Club Manager Arjun Panwar handed him a bag full of notes. On the way out, Anurodh carrying a bag full of money, was looted by the three police personnel in the IG’s car in the name of the code of conduct.

On the Tahrir of Anurodh Panwar, the police had registered a case against property dealer Anupam Sharma and three unknown policemen on the night of April 9. After the primary investigation, the IG driver, Himanshu Upadhyay, Sub-inspector Dinesh Negi and the constable of the Equestrian Police Manoj Adhikari were suspended. The victim had told the police that sub-inspector had called himself an IAS officer during the incident.

WIC club’s DVR of CCTV cameras captured
On Thursday, Inspector Rajiv Rauthan of Dalanwala Kotwali took possession of DVR of CCTV cameras of WIC club. The police also reviewed footage of the control room. In the statement lodged to the police, Anurodh Panwar has not disclosed the total amount looted. He says that after talking to Anupam Sharma, it will be clear how much money was in the bag.

In view of allegations of looting of policemen, the recommendation has been removed from the police to other agency. In this regard the report has been sent to the Director General of Police, Law and Order, Ashok Kumar.
-Ajay Rautela, Inspector General of Police Garhwal

This act of policemen has spoiled the image of the department. This is a very serious matter. Strict action will be taken against the guilty, so that no other policeman can do the audacity to do so.
-Ashok Kumar, Director General of Police Law and Order

Police officers accept half truth, deny robbery
In connection with the robbery of property dealer, the accused policemen have told the story differently to the officials. They say that the property dealer had a dispute about overtaking the car because he was intoxicated. They have finally rejected the charge of robbing a bag full of notes. However, they have considered the relationship with accused property dealer Anupam Sharma. Even after the rebuke of officials, the accused policemen are firm on this story.

The police officers have spoken informally to the accused policemen several rounds of interrogation. However, the accused have not accepted anything according to allegations of property dealer so far. Officials say that they have been suspended in the first instance for misusing government resources. Read more posts…


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