Uttarakhand organic products will now be seen in Big Basket

Big baskets in the country’s leading food chain will soon see organic products from Uttarakhand. Big Basket has shown a keen interest in Uttarakhand’s investment in these organic products. However, some products of the state can still be taken from the Big Basket.

The organic products of Uttarakhand are constantly attracting the attention of the country and the world. In this series, American company Walmart is going to open stores in Dehradun, Haldwani, and Haridwar of Uttarakhand. In this series, India’s big online company Big Basket has also shown interest in Uttarakhandi products. In fact, recently a delegation led by Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat went to Bangalore to join the Invest North Summit. Many companies here showed interest in investing in Uttarakhand.

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that this conference attracted investors from three areas. Big baskets are prominent among them. He has expressed a desire to invest in Uttarakhand so that the products of Uttarakhand can be included in the Big Basket Supply. Apart from this, drones and electric vehicle manufacturing are the other two major areas in which investors have shown enthusiasm. Also, discussions were held with investors on the wellness and yoga sector.

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There is no obstacle in reconstruction, it is being arranged. In an informal conversation with journalists at the Secretariat, returning from Kedarnath tour on Monday, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that arrangements are being made to ensure that there is no obstruction in the reconstruction work. The intention of the government is to pursue the reconstruction work under the master plan itself.

Regarding the information about the disaster during the monsoon in the state, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that it will take one month to assess the damage caused by the disaster. The Central team will also come here. Our teams are also ready. Now during this period, the damage done during the disaster will be assessed.

Dengue patients falling graph – Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that the graph of dengue patients is falling in the state. Now, this figure has reached around 15 patients per day. The government is making complete arrangements in hospitals for the treatment of patients

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