Uttarakhand: Number of students reduced to 10 in 2800 government schools, now crisis over the deployment of teachers

Teachers are applying door-to-door to increase student numbers
There are more than 28 hundred schools in the state with 10 students.

Threatening over the deployment of thousands of teachers in the state. The declining student numbers in their schools are causing this. There are more than 2800 such schools in the state, where the number of students has been reduced to 10. Less than this may shut down schools.

Due to the shutting of schools, the teachers posted there may be affected. This is the reason that now to save the existence of schools, the teacher has to beg the parents. They are requesting parents going door-to-door to get their children enrolled in government schools. They are counting them as benefits of teaching in government schools.

More than 800 schools have been locked in 19 years of state formation due to the low student population. Whereas more than 28 hundred schools are feared to be locked. This is the reason that Praveshotsav is being celebrated by the Education Department all over the state these days.

According to Education Director RK Kunwar, under the Praveshotsav, teachers are conducting door-to-door contact campaigns. Under the campaign, parents are being told that several schemes are being run for children in government schools. Along with the mid-day meal, free dresses are being given by the government. Books and some other facilities are also being provided to children.

Entrance festival is not a visible effect
Due to the dwindling number of students in the state, the Education Department is celebrating the entrance ceremony like every time, but the effect is not visible even after the program is run. Students are decreasing rather than increasing.

This is the reason
Officials of the Education Department say that the increasing attraction towards public schools in the mountainous areas and migration is the main reason for the decreasing student numbers. There is also a lack of facilities in schools. Many school buildings are dilapidated.

The number of students has decreased in those districts where the maximum migration has taken place. Notably, Pauri and Almora are the two districts where the maximum number of schools have been closed. Now teachers are talking to parents from house to house, schools will be closed if the number of students decreases. The teachers posted there will be transferred to another place.
-RK Kunwar, Director of Education

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