Uttarakhand: Now it will be easy to build a house, mining materials will be available easily at low prices


Opening of private mining lease will reduce 12 million metric tons of RBM
Not a single private sector lease was opened due to e-tendering, the government also lost crores
Out of the process of private leasing and e-tendering, the authority to issue the lease now to the Collector

If the decision of the Uttarakhand government is effective, then the people of the state will be able to get mining materials (sand, gravel, and boulder) easily and at a reasonable price to build houses. This will be possible due to the opening of private-sector leases in the state. Not a single private-sector lease has been allocated since the commencement of the e-tender process. This has resulted in a huge shortage of mining material (RBM) in the market.

The state cabinet in Wednesday’s meeting has excluded private-sector leases from the process of e-tendering. At the same time, the District Collector of the district concerned was also empowered to issue the lease. This will speed up the process of allotment of materials, while mining and smuggling of them will make the mineral material available in the market.

According to official sources, at present, the total demand for sand gravel and boulder in the state is around 16 million metric tons every year. But the supply of RBM is about a quarter relative to demand. The entire pressure is on the mining leases of the State Forest Development Corporation, Garhwal Mandal Development Corporation and Kumaon Mandal Development Corporation. About 40 million metric tonnes of RBM is estimated to be extracted from these leases every year.

That is, there is a big difference of 120 million metric tonnes of RBM between demand and supply, which the government wants to open and fill private-sector leases. With this intention, in Wednesday’s cabinet, it was decided to exclude private-sector mining leases from the process of e-tendering. In this regard, the Uttarakhand Sub-Divisional Rules have been amended. Under this, the lease will be approved after the applicants applying for the consent of the landlord in place of the e-tender, e-auction process. The District Magistrate has been given the right to grant these approvals.

This is the situation
16 million metric tonnes of sand is demanded annually in the state of sand, gravel and boulder
04 million metric tons of sand, gravel and boulder mining leases open annually
The government had set a target of earning 750 million rupees annually from mining
It has been able to earn 280 crores from the mining sector till January 2020.

Construction will accelerate, earnings will increase
A huge amount of mineral material is required for the construction of Chardham All Weather Road, National Highway Widening Projects, Mahakumbh Project and Rishikesh Karnprayag Rail Line Project in the state. With the decision of the government, all these big projects will be able to get RBM on time and their work will be expedited. Also, the income of the government will also increase.

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