Uttarakhand: Now government land will be available to the needy, the auction will be done on the basis of circle rate

Preparation to ban monkey bond of government land
Revenue department prepared a new policy

The vacant government land available across the state will now be available to the needy. For this, the revenue department has prepared a new policy. Tenders will be issued under this and the minimum bid will be decided on the basis of circle rate.

The government has made preparations to curb the monkey bond of government land running in the state for the last 19 years. Under this, needy people will get an opportunity to take government land equally. Government land will be registered at the district level and tender will be drawn for allocation of land.

At present, the state government provides land on lease and other forms to the private sector, including the Government Grant Act. These decisions of the government have often been questioned. People have also called it a monkey bond of government land.

The government believes that with this new policy, people will get an equal opportunity to get government land. This is being clearly arranged in the policy. This will double benefit the government. The first is that it will be clear at the district level how much government land is available. Second is that the revenue of the government will also increase.

This will be arranged in the new policy
At the district level, DMs will identify government land and get the register ready.
– The District Magistrate will constitute a committee.
– This committee will publicly publish the land registered in the register and will seek applications from interested people.
– The minimum rate of land will be decided on the basis of the circle rate.

Priority will also be decided
Priority will be set to give land to the people. The provision of land use, such as industry, organic farming, etc. will also be seen in it. The state government will give priority to its priority areas. It will also be seen in how much time the project will be completed. How many people will get employment from this? Projects employing more people will be put forward. It will also be seen how much revenue will benefit the government.

Why the need arose
The state government’s policy has been accused of not being transparent in the event of giving government land to the private sector. The Supreme Court and the High Court had also issued an order for the government to make a transparent policy in it.

Under this pressure, the government now has to make this policy. Sources in the government say that this policy has been finalized. Churning continues at a high level and policy can also be placed before the Cabinet.

Several orders from the Supreme Court and the High Court regarding government land have been issued at different times. Based on these instructions, a decision has to be taken at the governance level. This matter is under consideration at the government level. Only after the policy is finalized can it be said. This is definitely the case that the decision is being taken as soon as possible.
– Sushil Kumar, Secretary Revenue

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