Uttarakhand: Now cabinet meeting will be online, the e-cabinet system implemented

e-cabinet system

Now the e-cabinet system has been implemented for cabinet meetings in the state. Paper will now be replaced as an online proposal in future cabinet meetings. The Chief Minister, Minister and concerned officials will discuss the proposal online and give digital recommendations. Following the training program of ministers, the government has issued its mandate on Thursday.

The Gopan Department has prepared a portal for e-cabinet. General information related to the meeting, location and time portal, will be conveyed to the cabinet through SMS and email. Those using the system will have an e-account. Everyone’s login ID has been prepared for this.

The minutes of the meeting and the decisions will be uploaded and released online. Only two copies of the Cabinet’s comments will be issued to the Gopan department, while the departments will get digital approvals. The Governor’s Secretary will have an account on the portal.

Departmental Secretaries will also be able to get information about acceptance or rejection of their proposals from their account on the portal. After taking approval from the departmental minister, the cabinet’s comments from the level of sections will be uploaded and sent to the secretary.


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