Uttarakhand: No trust of electricity farmers now apply in the court of ‘Surya Dev’

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Uttarakhand: Electricity cuts and continuously increasing bills are now compelling the farmers to think at the option of solar energy. Farmers who arrived in Kumbh Mela are also asking for information about this from the scientists of Pantnagar. According to scientists, farmers can invest two lakh rupees and take 4-inch water comfortably for 5 hours per day.

It was also the concern of Bahedi farmer Rameshwar Dayal who arrived at the stall of the electrical engineering department of Pantnagar Agriculture University on the first day of the fair. According to Dayal, there is no trust in electricity. Solar panels in the house are working better. Dayal asked if bigger solar panels should be taken for irrigating the fields of 4-inch water. According to Dr. Sudha Arora, Head of the Department, Rohit at the stall, for about five kilowatts of solar panels will be needed.

If the costs are to be added to 30 rupees per watt, then about 1.5 lakh rupees will have to be invested for the panel. Dayal has the cultivation of 15 acres. They have to spend about 400 rupees per hour on irrigation. This expenditure will be less than 200 rupees per hour in the solar panel. Scientists suggest that if the farmers form a group by creating groups, then the expenditure will be reduced. Read more posts…


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