Uttarakhand MLA made a ruckus when refused from drinking alcohol, did shameful acts in front of everyone

MLA Drink

In an Assembly constituency of Uttarakhand, Haridwar, the MLA fiercely made a ruckus on being stopped from openly drinking liquor at the highway restaurant. The MLA threatened the restaurant workers and threw filthy words on them.

However, later the agreement was made between the two sides, due to which no action has been taken. From the assembly seat of Uttarakhand’s district, Haridwar, the present MLA came to have dinner with some of his friends at the restaurant, Namaste Door in Mansurpur area on the highway on Monday night.

Seeing the legislator, the dial-100 returned
Restaurant manager Asif Siddiqui told that during the meal, the legislator first started drinking alcohol in the restaurant with companions, and after that, he started changing his shirt inappropriately in public.

When the restaurant staff stopped the MLA from drinking liquor and changing shirt, he started a ruckus while mistreating the staff. The restaurant management immediately informed the police control room on which the dial-100 reached the spot, but after seeing the legislator in front, they returned empty.

No written complaint has been made to the police
After this, the MLA went back along with the colleagues. In the matter, the BJP’s senior officials have been complained about the MLA by the management of the restaurant. However, the management refused to give any kind of Tahrir against the legislator.

Inspector Mansurpur Sanjeev Kumar says that on the restaurant’s information the dial -100 had reached the spot. No Tahrir of the incident has been given. If Tahrir is given, then action will be taken after investigation. At the same time, manager Asif Siddiqui says that the MLA had been abusive with the staff but later the matter was settled. Not made any written complaint to the police. Read more posts…


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