Uttarakhand: Maybe Panchayat elections are in September, Door to Door survey starts from today

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The work of electoral rolls for the three-phase panchayat elections will be completed by mid-July. For this, the door to door survey will be started on Tuesday. The first publication of the voter list will be done on June 19. After this, the final publication of the list by obtaining claims and objections has to be done on June 12. According to officials, elections can be held in September.

After the voting in the Lok Sabha elections, the administration has now started preparations for the three-tier panchayat elections. As per the primary work, the work of the voter list has to be completed. For this, the administration has given 58 days to the administration on behalf of the Election Commission.

In the first 20 days from 23 April to 12 May, BLO will conduct surveys by visiting the house. After this, the format of the voter list will be published from May 13 to 18. Assistant District Election Officer (Panchasthani election) Sushil Kumar Joshi told that after the publication of the draft electoral roll, copies will be deposited in the office.

After its observation, the first voter list will be published on June 19. After this, objections and claims will be sought from the voters. After scrutiny of the objections, the final voter list has to be published on 12th July after completion of addition and removal of the names.

Officials said that the three-tier panchayat elections may be held in September this time. After the last publication of the voter list, the EC will be sent. Election notification can be issued only after observation and all objections from there.


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