Uttarakhand Lockdown: Rapid response team to know the status of home quarantined people every day

rapid response team

In Dehradun district, a rapid response team to keep a check on the condition of people quarantined every day. Teams have been formed in block and development bodies in the district. After knowing the condition of the people, these teams will forward the report to the concerned hospital and administration.

District Collector Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava informed that recently this COVID-19 Response Team was formed. All the information is being exchanged. But, meanwhile, it has been an issue that people who have been home quarantined are not cooperating with their doctors over the phone.

There will be a team of two members in the development block

It has been a challenge to get their situation every day and keep an updated daily report. The campaign of government and administration should not be weakened this way, so separate arrangements have been made. According to the information provided by the District Collector, there will be a team of two members in the development block. Apart from this, teams of three members are being formed in the Nagar Palika Parishad and five in the Municipal Corporation.

Every day these teams will keep a check on the condition of people who have been home quarantined in their respective areas and will report it to the administration and medical team. So that any further situation arising in the future can be dealt with and help in the ongoing fight with the Coronavirus. Apart from this, these teams will also compile the information received from LIU and Police. For this, District Planning Officer Pravin Goswami has been appointed as the Nodal Officer.


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