Uttarakhand Lockdown: Prisoners will be released on parole from jail in Dehradun in view of the threat of Coronavirus


In view of the threat of Coronavirus, 120 undertrials and convicted prisoners will be released on parole from Sudhowala, District Jail in Dehradun. These prisoners will be released for six months.

It will be the responsibility of the district administration to bring the prisoners home from jail. Neha Kushwaha, secretary of the District Legal Services Authority, said that on March 26, a committee headed by Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia had sought details of all the inmates of Uttarakhand who could be released on parole.

The list of all 855 prisoners of the state was submitted to the committee. 36 of these prisoners were ill. The committee has also given orders to treat them fully.

The list of 120 prisoners was given to the committee

In the same sequence, the list of 120 prisoners from the district jail Suddhowala was also given to the committee. All these prisoners are under consideration or serving sentences in offenses of less than 07 years.

In the district jail Suddhowala, two prisoners were suffering from common cold cough, whose medical history has not seen anything serious about them. The records of the last 06 months of the prisoners are also being seen that no one has come to meet them from outside.

For example, all these prisoners from infected places will be released on parole for 06 months.

Gopeshwar: 15 prisoners from Pursari jail to be released on parole for six months
On the government’s order, it has been decided to release 15 undertrials from Chamoli’s Pursari prison on parole for six months. Two undertrials will be released on Saturday. While the prison administration has sent a report to the prison headquarters for the release of 13 prisoners.

Jailor of Pursari Prison Pramod Kumar Pandey said that there are currently 37 prisoners and 52 undertrials in Pursari Prison. In view of Coronavirus infection, those undertrials are being released on parole for six months, whose sentence is only for seven years. Inmates will be released after medical checkup.


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