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Uttarakhand Lockdown Live: Two foreign tourists escaped from the Quarantine ward in Nainital, caught by police


No new corona cases have been reported in the state. On Sunday, a total of 16 patients have received test reports, of which no corona was confirmed. So far, only three positive cases have been reported in the state. On the first day, the administration has imposed Section 144 in Haridwar for people not following the order of lockdown.

The Congress supported the rescue measures of the state government in this hour of crisis, along with the support of the Janata curfew on the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday. State Congress headquarters remained closed. However, the Congress on Sunday evening disagreed with the Prime Minister’s appeal to clap or ring the bell.

State President Pritam Singh said that the government’s arrangements to deal with Corona are inadequate. Masks and sanitizers were not distributed to poor people. Steps have not been taken to sanitize the slums. The livelihood of workers and poor people should be managed. Said that the government’s preparation to deal with Corona is not being done keeping the poor in mind.

Leader of Opposition Indira Hridayesh said that the risk of corona is high. The government should insist on taking steps with a solid and shared strategy.

Nepal closes Julaghat Jhulapul gates, bridge open for 20 minutes 

– Nepal has closed the doors of Julaghat Jhulapul in view of the spreading corona in India. The doors are open from India. Many people going to Nepal got stranded on Jhulapul. The bridge opened for 20 minutes after SSB officials spoke.

– Haldwani has troubled passengers due to a lack of vehicles. Barricading was imposed at Haldwani Roadways intersection to stop unwanted vehicles. Passengers for the bus at the Roadways bus station are upset.

– For the prevention of coronavirus, the Health Department has started taking the services of Ayurvedic doctors. District Ayurvedic and Yunani Officer, Dehradun Dr. JP Semwal has issued orders to subdue twenty Ayurvedic doctors and twenty pharmacists under CMO Dehradun. Dr. Rajesh Joshi has been made the nodal officer of Dehradun district and Dr. DC Pasbola has been made the group leader of the district.

– According to the order, Dr. Ajay Chamola of Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Julmandi, Dr. Pankaj Bachhas of Vidhauli, Dr. Meera Rawat of Doon Hospital, Dr. Ankita Shah, Dr. Bharti Rajput from Selaqui, Dr. Amit Yadav from Jhajhra, Dr. Amit Rawat from Gujrada, Dr. Uttara Pal from Itharana, Dr. Sarita Rai from Kandoli, Dr. Vinita Sakalani from Bullawala, Dr. Sangeeta Uniyal from Niranjanpur, Dr. Laxman Rana from Rishikesh, Dr. Suchita Giri from Kiara, Dr. Kusum Khati from Minyawala, Dr. Bhavna Bhadoriya from Dhaulas, Dr. Rekha Arya Nahinkla, Dr. MS Rawat from Lakamandal, Dr. Dipankar Bisht from Jassunwala has deployed medical teams.

– During the lockdown, the laborer is facing a crisis of livelihood. On Monday, workers in Patel Nagar, capital Dehradun, waited for work since morning. There was a line of people to take cylinders to the gas agency. There was a rush of people for vegetables and fruits in Nirjanpur Mandi. -There is also no solution for crowd control in Mandi. Long crowds have been gathering here since morning, which poses a risk of infection.

– There was no significant impact of the lockdown in Dehradun. There was a traffic jam in Clock tower. Police urged people. Not only this, but DIG Arun Mohan Joshi also had to reach the spot and convince the people.



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